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School For Creative Careers is a non-profit enrichment school that educates students of all ages through hands-on experience with state-of-the-art technology in the entertainment industry. By empowering students through active outlets with industry professionals, we prepare them for meaningful creative careers.

We mentor our students with successful experts in the field. There are a combination between internship and event performance opportunities, with which validates students creative efforts and employs good will projects with the community. 


Changing the World: Annual Benefit

Fundraiser galore! Click to learn more about this event. 


The Original Song-Wash

Songwriter's workshop to perfect their original piece! Click to learn more about this event. 

Get to Know Our Staff

Check out our Board of Directors and Career Experts here.


Our Partners: San Diego, CA

 The School for Creative Careers is partnered with Ocean West Studios, MORArts, and Save Starlight. 

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