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Meet the Advisors

Meet the Advisors

Curt Betcher

Curt is experienced in every area of commercial video. He headed the corporate video programs for Jack in the Box , and now owns his own video production company. They specialize in real estate marketing and the use of video drones in displaying properties and their adjacent neighborhoods. This seminar will not only detail various aspects of drone use, but also detail the types of content required in corporate video.

Bill Biersach

Bill Biersach is a Senior Lecturer in Composition at the Thornton School of Music at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Over the past four decades, he has taught courses in Electro-Acoustic Media, Recording Arts, Music Industry, and Popular Music History. His current courses include the study of the recording techniques of the sixties and seventies, focusing on such bands as the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, and Frank Zappa. Bill lectures in a multimedia environment designed to present all visual and audio aspects of the course. Bill is also a performing musician and a classically trained pianist. He is considered an expert on analog modular synthesis, particularly the systems created by Robert Moog. Currently Bill is focusing his attention on the “Railboard,” a cutting edge performance instrument created by Emmett Chapman of Stick Enterprises.


Bill became connected to the School for Creative Careers through his long association with Steve Stopper, not only as friends, but also involving Steve’s technically complex live performance and requisite multimedia operational needs, including sound-activated lasers. Bill has donated much gear to the school, and also has several instruments on loan here. Bill’s interest in the school and and the programs is without limits. He has agreed to host a high profile event in a large San Diego performance space where we will couple the highlights of his courses with a live performance of himself and local San Diego artists.

Currently, the Instructional Television Engineer at Arizona Western College, John assists the School For Creative Careers in developing television curriculum and helped develop the lighting sequences for the Lights, Camera, Awesome segments. John’s seminars cover lighting and camera work for film and television in great detail. John is instrumental in bringing the school real world experience in integrating the newest topologies that today’s educators are using. This is not only at the instructional level, but also in the online manipulation and delivery of media content.


John Ringland

Jim Malone

Jim Malone is an established icon in stagecraft and stage management sectors of all of San Diego county. He currently heads the college Career Technical Education stagecraft segments for the Vista Unified School District. He serves as stage manager for the Performing Arts Center at Rancho Buena Vista High School. Jim was the stage manager for many years at Starlight Theater in Balboa Park, where he met Steve Stopper while Steve was doing sound design there. Countless IATSE Union stage hands, along with students who interned during Starlight’s summer shows, owe a debt of gratitude to Jim. His seminar on proper stagecraft technique allows students at School For Creative Careers to absorb a world of experience.

Keith Davis is an instructor at Eastlake High School and facilities manager at Ruth Chapman Performing Arts Center. His facility serves the entire Sweetwater Union High School District. He also manages the San Ysidro Performing Arts Center. Keith first met Steve Stopper when Steve was installing the multi-media systems when Eastlaske High School was first built. Keith advises the School For Creative Careers in event and facilities management.


Keith Davis

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