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Music Therapy With Noah Homes

This is a program that the School For Creative Careers started in 2015 with partner and supporter Noah Homes. 


Noah Homes is not only a place of refuge for people with developmental disabilities, but also for those that are determined to ensure their loved one has a happy and loving home for a lifetime. A supportive environment encourages each person to expand his or her horizons and to become more independent while learning both to explore and enjoy what the surrounding community has to offer.

Noah Homes’ programs are designed to be person-centered and to consider the personal preferences and choices of each resident. 


School For Creative Careers has instructors, students and friends come into residents homes, everyone sharing their love of music. Setting up professional sound and music layout, performing classic hits residents love and sing along to. Residents get involved and join in on the tunes with small musical instruments and puppetry. Everyone leaves with a warm feeling and smile on their faces. 

School For Creative Careers plans on continuing this program with Noah homes and to expand to patients of Sharp Hospital.

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