Now Seeking:
Teachers & Volunteers
We have professional speakers come in to teach students and community members the "how to's" of television arts, media-based workplace aspects, stage and design tips & MORE!



SFCC has active projects throughout the year. You will experience a hands on  learning environement and professional work experience.



We aim to provide a well-rounded experience for our students. We represent the media arts but love to offer special topics to expand the students exposure to new and exciting work opportunities.

"We’re always looking for volunteers to share their passion for the creative arts. If you have knowledge of any art, be it visual, performance, technical, etc. we’d love to have you speak to our students about what you do and how you do it. If you are a teacher established with your own visual or graphic arts program, we can augment it by showcasing your students’ work and/or offering you projects to help credential your students" -founder of SFCC



Are You A Performer?

We adopt artists.

Want the chance to record a track in San Diego’s largest recording room, at little to no cost? We’re offering local musicians the chance to record using our top-notch equipment and impressive studio. Our Song Workshop gives singer-songwriters and vocalists the chance to take a song through all aspects of production.
No band? No problem! Our session musicians can perform with you, so you’ll have an album- or single- worthy of recording by the end of the workshop. You’ll get video and audio of your session, including tracks so you can mix and edit further at home if you wish. Our studio is affordable because students and interns at our non-profit help run the show; your recording session helps them learn essential skills for future success in the entertainment industry.


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